Thursday, March 5, 2009

Knights In Tarnished Armor

Does it seem to anyone else that the Democratic Party has better things to do than to speculate on national television about whether or not Rush Limbaugh actually runs the Republican Party? Is there anyone out there who needs a list of the problems this country faces? I really didn't want to waste a blog entry on this, but as I noticed that neither CNN nor MSNBC is willing to let this non-story die, it seems unavoidable.

I have a theory, and it occurred to me last night as I listened to one talking head mention that the focus had shifted from George W. Bush to Rush Limbaugh. It hit me, then, that the Democratic Party doesn't have a nemesis anymore.

Imagine a medieval knight, decked out in full armor, at the head of a forked trail. One fork leads to a village full of starving people, and the other to a dragon who needs slaying. Both are tasks are fit for heroes, but given the option, knights usually chose to slay the dragon. After all, you can feed the villagers later, but not if they've been killed in a dragon attack.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has already slayed its dragon; two of them, in fact. They took control of the House and Senate, and they put a Democrat in the White House. Now they have to go feed the villagers. Instead, though, an alarming number of them seemed preoccupied with slaying the same old dragons, or finding a new one to slay. First, you have members of Congress spending time they (and we) don't have chasing down everything that George W. Bush did during his time as president, looking for anything they can use to slay him again. Whether or not Congress can do more than one thing at a time is certainly debatable, given how poorly they're managing the current crisis.

And then you have Rahm Emmanuel, White House Chief of Staff, who certainly has better things to do, trying to crown Rush Limbaugh as the "head" of the GOP. Setting aside the fact that there are many leaders in the Republican Party, just as the Democratic Party has a plethora of leaders who fight with each other on a daily basis, what purpose does it serve to elevate a radio personality, albeit a popular one, to the post of White House Archenemy?

It's sort of like the movie Dragonheart, wherein Dennis Quaid plays a knight who vows to kill every last dragon in the world. When he meets the last dragon, however, the dragon (voiced by Sean Connery) points out that once all the dragons are gone, Dennis Quaid will have nothing to do. A true knight, of course, would just go and feed the villagers, but it takes almost the entire movie for that to occur to Quaid's character. In the meantime, he persuades the dragon to fly around, scaring the simple townsfolk, while Quaid pretends to "slay" him at each stop.

The Democratic Party seems bent on convincing the American public that there are still dragons to slay. They have their pick: Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, and a few others; but they already slayed Palin during the election, and if you're the party that just put Barack Obama in the White House, then you don't go around slaying blacks or the sons of immigrants. Rush Limbaugh, on the other hand, is the stereotypical fat, old, white, male archconservative blowhard. He's perfect.

Except he's a radio host. You just don't go on a crusade against radio hosts. We learned that when the Christian Right tried to shut down Howard Stern. Now the Democrats want to tilt at windmills? Go feed the villagers, already.

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