Wednesday, June 17, 2009

As if the czars weren't enough ...

Dear Senator,

I am, at this moment, watching the president proposing a radical expansion of government authority. I'm sure you're watching as well, and I hope with all my heart that you will oppose the measures he is pushing.

In fewer than six months, the president has created literally dozens of new positions of questionable constitutionality, namely the autonomous "czars", and has exerted governmental control over hundreds of private businesses under the justification that, if they receive taxpayer money, then the government should control how that money is expended. Whether he has the authority or indeed the right to do so is another debate entirely.

But on top of those encroachments into the private sector, he is now proposing an entirely new agency to bring unprecedented executive power to bear on the country's banking industry. This is an appalling display of government expansion, and coming as it does in train with the other measures he's taken, it is a seriously troubling signal of what is to come.

In the middle of an economic crisis, the government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars multiple times, a large portion of which, I daresay, has been a waste of taxpayer dollars. We're currently trying to overhaul the country's healthcare system, an effort that would likely bankrupt the federal government if it was not already so. And the president, fresh from bringing two major auto firms directly under the control of the executive branch, wants to create a whole new agency to exert even more influence on the free market.

Senator, I know you cannot be happy with what the president is doing. Even if the proposed measures would help, there must be better, less expensive, more efficient way to ensure that we never face a crisis like this one again; one that doesn't involve yet another increase in the size and influence of the government. If you disagree with what he's doing, then please use whatever influence you have to oppose it.


Stephen Monteith

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