Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A key endorsement, for several reasons

I've been spending less time with my blog lately, focusing on some other projects I have; but when I heard about this endorsement, I decided to swing back to the blogosphere for a bit.

For those who don't know, Sheila Crump Johnson, a resident of Middleburg, is a founding member of Black Entertainment Television. She is a small business owner, a noted philanthropist, and a self-described "lifelong Democrat". And she has just endorsed Bob McDonnell, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia.

In her own words, she has been doing her homework since early in the primaries, and her priority was on finding a "jobs" candidate. The fact that she didn't endorse any of the Democrats, even after Creigh Deeds won the nomination, says enough about her faith in the Democrats' abilities to create jobs. She did more than keep her peace, though. In her endorsement, she states the need for an "educated workforce ... environments where small businesses can thrive ... [and] a governor who's not afraid to take an entrenched interest to make change happen." Whether or not she feels that Senator Deeds would be such a governor or create jobs, she clearly feels that Bob McDonnell would be better at it.

People who have read my earlier posts know that I don't think much of endorsements in general; but not only is Ms. Johnson a visionary businesswoman and a clear non-partisan, but she is also an important part of the Virginia community. Her opinion carries a certain amount of weight with it, and I would like to think that I would pay attention to it no matter who I personally supported. Please take the time to view her full statement here:

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  1. Bob McDonnel, to my knowledge, had a fine record of service as the Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney. Why is he damaging his record by supporting Harvey Bryant, a candidate for Commonwealth's Attorney, who the Virginia Beach Circuit Court judges describe as unethical?