Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just under five weeks to go

New numbers in the race for Virginia's top elected positions. I normally don't pay attention to poll numbers, as they tend to give me a headache; but this was a statewide poll, asking Virginians who they would prefer for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General, and for all three positions, the Republican candidate leads by double digits.

Is this because Virginia is a southern conservative state? I doubt it. After all, we've had two Democratic governors in a row, we have two Democratic Senators in the United States Senate, and just last year, the Commonwealth's electoral votes all went to the Democratic candidate for president. Surely we haven't changed THAT much in less than a year.

Or maybe we have. I've blogged before about the tactics that Barack Obama used in the 2008 presidential election and how they wouldn't be as effective for Creigh Deeds. An attempt to tag Bob McDonnell as another George W. Bush fizzled on arrival, as Virginians had already seen that the two are virtually nothing alike. McDonnell is articulate, charismatic, intelligent, and a serious fiscal hawk, as opposed to our former president.

A sharper contrast can be drawn between McDonnell and Deeds, as their campaigns have been studies in opposites. McDonnell's ads have consistently been issue-driven, with not only plans and projects, but details on how to fund and implement them. Deeds' campaign, on the other hand, has been increasingly negative, and has focused on social issues that don't even address the voters' stated top priority: the economy. I'm not saying Deeds hasn't presented plans, but I can't remember one campaign ad that even dealt with anything other than McDonnell's thesis paper.

I couldn't tell you for sure why Virginia voted for Mark Warner, Jim Webb, Tim Kaine, or Barack Obama, but I would say it had far more to do with wanting representatives and leaders who are focused on solving problems than with social issues. We are still conservative here, and we do still like conservative candidates; but when it comes time to fill out that ballot, Virginians vote for the candidate with solutions. Bob McDonnell, Jim Bolling, and Ken Cuccinelli have those solutions.

Yeah, we haven't changed that much.

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