Thursday, October 1, 2009

McDonnell's appeal spreads into the north.

As I've noted (several times) the endorsements just keep rolling in for the McDonnell campaign. In addition to the business endorsements on which I've already reported, he's also recently been endorsed by the Humane Society, the NRA, and the Fraternal Order of Police. Now, to that ever-growing list, he can add the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

This is more than just another business group. The NVTC is a forward-looking group of innovators representing about a thousand technology companies in the northern part of the Commonwealth. Democrats like to paint Republicans as backwards, Stone Age-technology luddites. This group, though, which represents over 200,000 emloyees in Northern Virginia, is considered to be "the voice of the Northern Virginia technology community".

From the official endorsement:

“While the NVTC TechPAC Board of Trustees has a great deal of respect for Creigh Deeds and his commitment to Virginia, the Trustees determined that Bob McDonnell is a strong leader with specific proposals to ensure Virginia remains a competitive and innovative global technology center,” said Dendy Young, TechPAC Chairman and Chairman and CEO of McLean Capital, LLC. “McDonnell has a consistent history of working closely with our technology industry and will build on his record of developing and supporting Virginia’s technology initiatives and on his long-term commitment to business development in the Commonwealth.”

While this is an important indicator of how those with their minds on staying competitive in a 21st-century world view their chances under the two major-party candidates, it also speaks to Bob McDonnell's demographic appeal. Northern Virginia is seen (by some) as merely a suburb of Washington, D.C.; and in some ways, it is. Many people who work in our nation's capital have their homes in the Commonwealth, and many of those people (this time around, at least) are Democrats. Though McDonnell lived part of his early life in the north, it's mostly seen as "Deeds" country. With this new endorsement, though, we can see that McDonnell is making gains in all parts of Virginia, and not just the south.

Yesterday, I mentioned two recent and fairly comprehensive polls which showed McDonnell holding a significant lead over Creigh Deeds. Was that poll reflective of this new shift in demographics, or can we expect an even bigger lead for McDonnell in the future because of it?

Less than five weeks to go.

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