Monday, February 22, 2010

Moment of Truth

Robert Kuttner, writing for the Huffington Post, believes the president should do what Democrats have been calling for him to do since the Senate reached that magic filibuster-proof number last spring and just bowl over the Republicans with regards to health insurance reform. The problem with Mr. Kuttner's article is that it proceeds from the assumption that Republicans are not interested in reaching a concensus with the president on health insurance reform (and it is insurance reform, not health care reform). There are, in fact, many areas in which Republicans and Democrats agree, and it is in those areas the president and Congress should focus their efforts.

They should start by writing and passing a modest bill together containing only the reforms on which they can all agree. Once that is done and both sides have shown they can indeed act like grownups, they can then start to seriously debate the remaining reforms.

Or they can just keep fighting all through the next couple of election cycles. *shrugs* Whichever.
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