Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Virginia: a model for both fiscal responsibility and true bipartisanship

"This is a Virginia success story. Promoting fiscal discipline, strengthening free enterprise and bringing new ideas and entrepreneurship to government are the keys to our future economic vitality as a state and as a nation."

Those words, written by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, sum up the effort by both parties in the commonwealth to reach a plan for economic stability in the years ahead. While the federal government still struggles with the woes it says it inherited from the previous administration (and to work with the "opposition" party), Virginia lawmakers and executives of all political persuasions have demonstrated to the country and the world that we don't have to raise taxes, increase spending, or demonize one another to create and achieve solutions that work for everyone.

Read the full article here. And tell us what you think of Virginia's efforts to fight recession versus Washington's on our Facebook Discussion Board.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Facebook Page

Free Exchange now has a page on Facebook. Different than the Networked Blogs link, this page will have my posts as well as links to news stories and others' blogs that I don't take the time to include on this blog. I write opinion pieces here; I'm not a reporter. There are plenty of places to get the news, and I will include links to them on my Facebook page. There as here, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions (respectfully).