Monday, October 25, 2010

No matter who "wins" next week, don't stop the exchange

The period right after an election is the most important point at which the free exchange of ideas needs to continue.  Never settle into a "we won, they lost" or vice versa attitude, and never believe that, just because one side won, it means their ideas won.  After the last election, a coworker told me she believed conservatism was "dead", along with its ideas.  The last year and a half has proven that neither of those is true.  Just because one side "wins" is no reason to ignore what the other side has to say.

Here are a few items in my online store to remind you of a few important things:  first of all, that the goal is not to promote partisanism, but activism; that it's not about politics, but issues; that the voters are the ruling class in America; and that being right without knowing why you're right is the same as being wrong.  Spread the word; keep the exchange of ideas open and free.  And keep your minds open.

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